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A rave parent or rave parents, are ravers that meet a first time raver while at the rave, and choose the Name for the new raver. The parents cannot be of relation or had any kind of past relationship with, but a raver that they just met. This makes the name more creative and unique because it is made by the first impression of the new raver. The raver may choose to agree or disagree, to whatever the raver feels is a good enough name, but the raver and the rave parents must agree. Once the Name is chosen and agreed on, the parents must present their new child with a gift, usually candy(rave bracelets) or glow stick etc. Every Raver has at least one rave parent, that welcomed them into the raving community. It is a honor to be named by a seasoned raver, and their name should be remembered so when one day that new raver can pass on the tradition, by telling their new rave child who their rave parents were(Now Rave Grandparents).
New Raver: HI, this is my first rave.
Seasoned Raver 1(Kitten): Have you been named yet?
New Raver: No, can you give me one?
Kitten: YEA! Hold on(grabs her boyfriend) He Wants us to be his rave parents!
Seasoned Raver 2(Suspect): I'm thinking... Ping!
Kitten: I love it, you like it?
New Raver: yea, thats cool.
Suspect: Alright dude, heres you're first candy, don't hook up with any of you're sisters. There a few of them out there.
Ping: Thanks!
by WOP Dagio May 26, 2008
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