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An adult caucasian male, usually over 25 but under 30, who is addicted to drugs and dreams of being a hustla. They originate in suburban environments but many of them migrate to the inner cities upon leaving the nest. Some remain in the suburbs, usually living in close quarters among friends and/or family members with whom they share drugs and living expenses. Due to it's intellectual shortcomings, the rat faced wigger will almost always be found working in fast food restaurants, the local wal-mart, or just about any factory. Some of them have also been known to drive semi trucks.

Often going days at a time without grooming themselves, rat faced wiggers are generally dirty, out of shape and sport a three week old beard since that is typically the length of time they go without bathing. They reek of weed smoke, and will usually try to cover the smell with axe body spray. The Rat faced wigger has varied interests that may or may not include bling, bad music, anime and world of warcraft.

They tend to be chubby chasers and are known to venture deep within the confines of the nearest trailer parks in search of a mate, whom they usually knock up within the first month or two of courtship. The rat faced wigger is not a social animal and thus is not involved in the rearing of it's offspring. It can become incestuous if unsuccessful in attracting a genetically diverse mate.
Joe: "Dude look at that rat faced wigger... his Bowl just fell out of his pocket. What a jackass."


Rat faced Wigger: "WUUUUT???!!"

Rat Faced Wigger's sister: "Oh shit Matt, hide the weed!"

Rat Faced Wigger: "Aw shit, dawg *stuffs bag in mouth*"
by ninetyninebottlesofawesome December 01, 2009
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