another member of pippadums mafia association
rashid is so professional no wonder pippadum makes him vice mafia boss
by hellohiwareyou April 23, 2021
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minecraft kid loves minecraft corinna kopf simp i love corinna and big booty bitches
person 1.who is rashid
person 2.oh rashid his a simp for corrina kopf

person 3.oh that kid that dosent have friends
person 4.yea :(
by ronniechand November 26, 2021
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Sexy, hot, loving, innocent, but sexy as hell. Once you get to know him, you will know that he's sexy. But even if you don't know him, he's sexy.
That sexy guy is such a Rusyaidi Rashid
by Timothyboi87 July 10, 2019
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MC Rashid IS KNOWN for his rap music. He uses the media to speak toward the greater audience.
this dude raps about real things,His rhymes are very deep and flow well.

Easily the best rapper in Brazil Right Know .Got famous because of A Coragem da Luz,Crise e Tão Real
Guy 1: Has you heard Tão Real.
by justArapFANwhoTHINKS November 23, 2021
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Asian girl who is smart , hardworking ,duck lover, smooth legs and knowledgeable .
teacher : okay , everyone can ask maisarah Rashid .
by kirokiro December 28, 2017
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