very loving guy, who always has a sweet spot for anyone. he will always make you laugh and filled with joy. has a huge penis and a hot face that all the chicks want. who is good at everything, tough, and who everybody always loves. kind of fat.
#1. hey is that shadman rashid!
#2. OMG! it is shadman rashid, im going to say hi to that hotty.
#1. oh yah me too.
by dodo911 June 8, 2010
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Most likely guyanese, loves to shop on eBay and cook curry and doll.
That guy over there is such a Fayad Rashid .
by Mike shanno March 1, 2017
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Jasper Al-rashid (born September 11, 1988), is a Bangladeshi Soul/Jazz/Rock singer-songwriter and record producer. He's the first musician in Bangladesh to incorporate Soul music in the country's commercial industry.
A lot of the songs made by Jasper Al-rashid have jazzy backbones.
by shar1f June 7, 2010
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MC Rashid IS KNOWN for his rap music. He uses the media to speak toward the greater audience.
this dude raps about real things,His rhymes are very deep and flow well.

Easily the best rapper in Brazil Right Know .Got famous because of A Coragem da Luz,Crise e Tão Real
Guy 1: Has you heard Tão Real.
by justArapFANwhoTHINKS November 23, 2021
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Asian girl who is smart , hardworking ,duck lover, smooth legs and knowledgeable .
teacher : okay , everyone can ask maisarah Rashid .
by kirokiro December 28, 2017
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Sexy, hot, loving, innocent, but sexy as hell. Once you get to know him, you will know that he's sexy. But even if you don't know him, he's sexy.
That sexy guy is such a Rusyaidi Rashid
by Timothyboi87 July 10, 2019
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