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A melodramatic expression that is used by oversensitive millennials who become unduly upset when certain media properties that they enjoyed as children are co-opted in ways that they do not personally approve of, and who would tastelessly and obtusely draw upon associations with child rape in order to scorn and rebuke -- as something akin to sex offenders -- those who would co-opt their beloved media properties for financial gain.

The sentiment that is associated with the expression is, itself, the result of having spent one's childhood being molly-coddled by child-worshiping adults, and thus having become abused of the ridiculous notion that since one was regarded as sacred when he or she was a child, anything that one associates with his or her childhood is therefore also sacred.
"The prequels sucked. George Lucas raped my childhood!"

"The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie sucked. Michael Bay raped my childhood!"

"Why'd they do The Smurfs movie in 3D animation? Friggin'...(looks at DVD case)...Raja Gosnell raped my childhood!"

"Betty Crocker stopped making Shark Bites fruit snacks. Betty Crocker raped my childhood!"

"I heard on the news that Capri Sun is susceptible to mold. It's like that random news anchor guy raped my childhood! That's so awkward!"
by DeaconPeabodyBeDamned October 28, 2015
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When some asshole director takes a cherished childhood memory and turns it into crap on a stick. This typically happens as a result of money grubbing scum who are looking to capitalize on the existing popularity of a property but not willing to ensure the quality of the end result.
"Dude, this TMNT movie is garbage, Micheal Bay just raped my childhood!"
by supercomixking October 28, 2013
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