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THE TRUE HERO OF THE BERSERK SERIES. The dankest meme of the Berserk series. A horse from the Berserk (manga) series during the "Conviction Arc" who was possessed by some sort of evil spirit. The horse attempts to rape Farnese who attempts to mount the horse and get away. The possessed horse decides to mount her instead as it rises and stands menacingly over her, lowering its head and licking her face. Farnese's screams attract Guts' attention.He turns from his fight to see the horse lower its pelvis over Farnese, sporting an erection. His mind flashes to Casca's rape at the hands of Femto during the Eclipse, and his mind goes completely blank but for the rage he feels. He brings his sword down and beheads the horse in one swing, the sword hitting the ground at such an angle as Farnese remains uninjured.
Farnese: I order you! Allow me to mount you and get away from here!
Rape horse: Hell no!
Rape horse: I'm going to mount YOU!

Topkek Rape horse!!!!
by Tedd July 04, 2018
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To get completely obliterated or beaten. Whether it be one sports team beating another or getting "owned ownd own3d pwnd pwn3d" at a video game.
"Did you see Argentina just rapehorse Mexico in soccer the other day?"

"Dude, Darius, Peter just rapehorsed you with Chun-Li.
by Morgan Hernan July 01, 2008
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