A long, sustained glance at a member of the oposite sex (usually male to female) whilst visualising performing perverted sexual acts.

The highest known concentration of rape stare victims occurs in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. These victims are commonly referred to as "Pilbara Princesses".
"Hey Mavis, did you just see that guy? He rape stared the shit out of me, now i feel dirty and it won't come off."
by Woobla November 14, 2009
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An idiotic concept created by social media "feminist" that states that a person (typically a man) staring at another person (typically a woman) is the same as rape.
Person 1: What happened to Amy?
Person 2: Didn't you hear? Her boyfriend violently raped her yesterday in her home.
Person 1: That's almost as bad as when a man looked at me in a bus and stare raped me!
by radicalfeminism July 6, 2014
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An actual legitimate sexual assault charge in South Korea.

In South Korea, definition of sexual assault extends to "an act by a male perpetrator which causes female victim to feel sexual discomfort or shame". Under this definition, it is illegal for Korean men to look at a female in public, if she decides that act to be offensive.

Under this definition, numerous Korean men are actually arrested each year for looking at a female in public. In many cases when the accuser alleges that the man took photographs (In Korea, it is also illegal for men to photograph females in public, but not vice versa), it is customary for the man to have his cell phone confiscated and have the entire device searched for evidence. Oftentimes, the accused is dismissed from his employer as well.
In South Korea, it is possible for a man to be charged for sexual assault for stare rape.
by kcheeb July 11, 2016
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Rape with power

Can be called as well power rape
Was that stare rape?
by 459395 February 25, 2022
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