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A character portrayed by Mickey Rourke in the terrific movie, The Wrestler. A burnout who lives for the fast times and glory of life at the expense of paying the obvious consequences. A wrestler who was once big time and still dreams about getting back on top. A man of passion that lives for the instant gratification of things in life. A flawed man, but one with good intentions. Some people say there's strong Christian symbolism with the film that can draw parallels with the character Randy and Jesus Christ. One of the many examples people use to support this claim is Randy sacrificed his blood and body for his followers. And near the end of the film where Randy goes on the top rope reminds people of Jesus in his crucifixion. Not to mention that 'The Ram' is the second most important animal in the bible, and probably the second best metaphor choice for Jesus next to Lion.
Did you see Mickey Rourke's portrayal of Randy 'The Ram' Robinson in the movie The Wrestler? It was terrific...
by PeteThePrince February 18, 2009
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