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A secluded northern California community near Sacramento, with a lot of rich stuck-up people. At least a half-hours worth of driving to get anywhere. Stoners like to take advantage of all the hidden woods to go off and smoke. "Man hunt" is a popular game played in rancho, where one calls security on themselves, and run away when security comes.
Rancho Murieta.
by ResidentofRancho. February 12, 2011
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Old people community by sacramento,15 miles south of Folsom,where lots of old racist white people live. Literally almost everyone here is racist as fuck and somehow it slides(as everywhere sadly)They have gay security and so if youre black and live there, everyone will call security on you and they don't do anything about it. heck,even the security guards that work there say racism is "freedom of speech" and that anyone can say anything.Bunch of stuck up white kids are racist as well. there was even a sac bee article where local Marica Courson stated"... you black men might be better off at home after a certain hour" suggesting a black people curfew? like wtf. she also said "do we really understand why a shooting occurred" like um wtf. it is true that if youre black and go out at night and u see a group of white men, they will start shit, but thats only cuz theyre RACIST. literally. even at the hotel across the communitys racist. a stupid white pig called a black guy a nigger and a fight broke out. many in rancho responded saying they had no idea it was there (u can google article) and that rancho isnt like that. WELL lemme tell ya, thats all rancho is. they all read the bee at 6am, theyre old white racist people with nothing better to do and wake up early.gmfu. and they teach racism to there stuck up kids. sad truth many dont know because this community is VERY secretive. majority if not all the adults here are racist. and idk why no one else bothered to define but i am.
bro #1: yo bros wanna come over after school to my place?

bro #2: sheeeeit, bro why not come over to rancho murieta and we can go smoke.

bro #1: well i would but your parents are racist and give me dirty looks, also, if we go out security will just get called when we smoke, i wanna smoke in peace, shit even cops let you off but these security guards are racist pigs.

bro #3: yea dude everyone in rancho is racist as fuck im only going over there tomorrow to fuck becky, but honestly fuck rancho. I would rather live somewhere that you can walk as any race and not get looks, also if i walk home from your house when we leave ill probably get confronted by security asking me what im doing/going/who i met/ if im called in/ if your parents know/ etc,etc, maybe even get written up for trespassing dawg, a chance im not tryna take.

bro #1: but i can sneak my parents car out and drive u out of the gates so u can get picked up
bro #2 & #3: fuck off just smoke in eg brooooo fuck rancho

honestly i hope in the near future rancho murieta is interracial as fuck. man. fuck that place. i know way to many racist incidents that occur there DAILY. not a white boy writing this btw. peace
by sophisticated mac n cheese October 02, 2018
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