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A Quaint good for nothing little town In BFE Alabama. What was once seceded by Heflin, Alabama is now the trashiest and most nastiest STD ridden, drug abused shanty village ever imagined. The women walk around with sores on their mouths and the guys act like they’re the next Dale Earnhardt and Joe Dirt Butt Baby. Atleast 82% of the females and 3% of males get pregnant before they become a freshman because they think they could be a better mother than theirs was by snorting condoms, eating tide pods, and smoking meth. Not all is bad for the female population believes highly in interracial intercourse where every woman has slept with a black guy but always denies it. Adoption is also believed as a good thing where five families have adopted an African American or not so legal alien
Man, let’s go to Ranburne, Alabama and smoke some meth and catch the clap until our penises melt off.
by YaBoiStickle September 11, 2018
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