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Ramsey, Nj is quite an interesting town... This is the town where kids act much older than they are and all hang out “in town” on weekends and after school. Most of the boys (especially 8th grade) all drool over any girl that has an ass or tits. lots of the kids have great personality’s but u have to get to know them first or they’re just gonna be salty bitches. the kids spend lots of time at places like “cars” “anthony franco’s” “walgreens” and the ramsey high school field. At the field most girls who guys think are “thicc” get asked to “hu” as they call it. When you go to town your always going to see some pedophiles, girls making cringy “TikToks” and boys vaping. Most of the kids are in 7th, 8th or high school. Most of the kids that hang out in town are usually from ramsey but kids from other nearby towns such as Upper Saddle River, Saddle River, Allendale, and Oakland also hang out with their Ramsey friends. Cops will sometimes show up but parents usually have no idea what’s going on. in early May all the kids go to the nearby private schools carnival and usually are all high there and the girls dress like thots and hu with any both that’s down. This is quite an interesting town that everyone should see...
person one: hey wanna go to town (ramsey new jersey) with me today?
person two: ye sure be there in 15
by 02496 April 22, 2019
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A place where the rich boys and flat semi thic girls spend there time in town outside of Walgreens and a Facebook account called Ramsey moms post about them. They use the “vape” and ride around town on there their bikes. At night they hangout at the high school and hook up. The boys are usually all hot and the girls are try hard to be thic and all are flat like paper.
by Phil from Walgreens November 08, 2018
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