A syndrome that results in half of a persons face being paralyzed causing a severely distorted voice
The voice associated with Tutankhamen Ramses Syndrome uses many forms of "OHH" and is spoken out of the side of ones mouth
When in the state of Tutankhamen Ramses Syndrome it is often also refered to as being Mummified
Mr. Schwab talks with an "OHH" he has Tutankhamen Ramses Syndrome.
by Angotti Caron Peters October 30, 2007
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a guy who jokes about farts way to much
omg he is a ramses
by fantiom September 25, 2021
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The Ramses Effect is when you have kind of friends, but you don’t have a friend group and end up feeling and looking lonely at recess.
That boy had the Ramses Effect.
by SSJRamses December 20, 2017
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Ramses ii was the 3rd Pharoah of the 19th destiny. He was one of the best pharaohs of Egpyt. he build a city, traded, and great with war, he was pharaoh for 66 years.
Ramses ii was very brave in war.
by Charlie__ November 2, 2020
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an African king, hallowed by those under harsh rule of Egyptian sands. The most dangerous enemy of the hittites, who worship pharoahs and name kings such as they are
"And yet Still you pledge Egypt was apart from Rule of AFRICA itself. How could this be possible? They'd have a hallowed name for him and you'd forget hew as king." "I can't think of any pharohs" "Kings.." "Egyptian" "Ramses the Great, was a king, never a pharoah, why?"
by livesweknow August 11, 2019
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To Rams

To get into a car crash in a place that someone specific isn't, thus relating them to the event despite them not being related to it at all.
Hanz was ramsing Misho.
Hanz ramsed Misho.
by poopfartpoopshitgasfartpee April 10, 2022
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