When you have sex with someone and never talk to them again.
Woody Harrelson: I just rampart that highschool girl lol.
by James John Jim February 09, 2012
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To rampart: To have sex with a girl, specifically a virgin, and never call her again.
"yo, I heard Woody Harrelson ramparted that girl at a party in LA."
by nostrildamus February 21, 2012
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Having sex with somebody and never talking to them again.
"#1: How was your date with Felicity?"
"#2: We had sex and she never called me back."
"#1: Did she rampart you?"
"#2: I guess so..."
by ManTrA February 10, 2012
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1.) Defensive fortification. i.e. Pillbox/Bunker

2.) (1990) Video Arcade game, consisting of medeival strategy.

3.) Counter-Strike:Source Player
1.) The rampart was destroyed by a powerful bomb.

2.) "Where were you last night?!"
"Psh. Chill man, I was down at the arcade bustin out on some Rampart"

3.) Rampart rocks your world.
by Rampart July 29, 2006
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A fortification consisting of a man-made hill (embankment) with a building at the top. Typically, there will be barbed wire or some mannor of defending material at the bottom (spikes, anti-personnel mines) and two entrances.
Nazi ramparts were destroyed on d-day
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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Best AMA that was ever done featuring a PR guy who did it and did his job badly(for one last time)
Q: I heard your family died in the twin towers , where were you when 9/11 happened? Also thanks for doing this AMA, Woody.
A: It is a sensitive subject but I gotta go with Rampart.
by Fixfack September 10, 2018
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