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A home-based school attended by the Drabble children, especially Penny and Patrick. It is taught by their father, Sergeant Ralph Drabble. Ralph is a tough teacher and often glares at his students when they don't do something he likes. This is the best place to learn how to be a mall cop. So if you think mall cops are pretty cool, check it out and go to Ralph School!
Ralph: OK, kids, you ready for Ralph School?

Penny: Right on, dad! I'm gonna love this.

Ralph: No, no sweetheart. At Ralph School I'm not Dad, its Mr. Drabble, OK?

Penny: (starts crying) But I've always called you Dad.

Ralph: Not in your Ralph School classes. (he gives her a gentle glare) See, Isn't this fun having me for a teacher?

Patrick: This is fun! Best school I know. Especially since you're our teacher!

Ralph: (starts laughing) Yes, this is like mall cop therapy. Ralph School is crazy! Class dismissed! (he glares at them again) Ralph School rules!
by Dusty's Baby Powder September 14, 2011
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