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Every winning team needs their rallyback girls. Rallyback girls are so much better than cheerleaders because all cheerleaders do is say go team. Rallyback girls tend to destroy everything from the other team while screaming “she ain’t no rally back girl” and “this my shit” as they flick off the opposing team. The only response to rallyback girls is with more rallyback girls, but that is a bad sign from the gods, like a bad omen or something. Smart people run away when the rallyback girls show up because they can’t deal with their shit.
Wildperson: “I found a new house but it was burned down.”

Kradger: “what happened?”
Wildperson: “the rallyback girls flicked me off, then said this my shit and burned it down”
Kradger: “this my shit”
by Yuengling drinker September 24, 2019
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