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girls who wear hoochie jean shorts from Deb, hugevans shoes, white cami that used to be white but is now offwhite from sweating, lack of washing and multiple hugs from males, a walmart leopard print bra that the shows through the cami, and have their hair either SLICKED back into a ponytail and two strands framing their face OR, their hair straightened and damaged from the heat with some neon color strand somewhere in the hair OR have their wet curly hair bathed in so much moose and hairspray that it crunches. Wear neon colored bracelets, I♥Boobies bracelets, Justin Beiber shit or any other jewelry from Hot Topic and huge hoop earrings. There entire body is mostly pale and has scratches and bruises. They will sometimes carry a Playboy Bunny purse that is as clean as their cami or have a equally crappy purse they bought from HotTopic, WalMart, KMart or Deb. When they are cold, they borrow a random hoodie from a random male that is oversize and they still think they look attractive when wearing this hoodie over shorts so they appear to be naked underneath. Most of them will either have bleached blonde hair, or dyed black hair. In the Summer they'll be sporting a bathing suit that will have either a brand name beer or trucking company and will bear a hat of the name nature. For their sexual lives, they are extremely promiscuous. They make no attempt to hide the fact and think its sexy. When walking, they'll either be sucking on a lollipop/pacifier with their tramp stamp showing.
Yo, look at the skank on Kyle's arm. She's so railroad street.
by Your Mother565665 July 24, 2011
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