A girl lubes up your dick with icy hot and jerks you off, giving you a ragin cajun
by motoxdeath January 28, 2011
When a man puts Cajun seasoning, cayenne pepper, Tabasco sauce, and other hot spices on his penis. He then rams his cock into the woman's mouth, pussy, and then ass. She is in excruciating pain while he gets rid of his rage.
Bob: Man i was so pissed that i gave my bitch the Ragin Cajun last night

John: Really? Dayum how much pain was she in?

Bob: Bitch is still crying and cant walk
by RaginC April 4, 2010
The act of filling a girl's cooter with Red Lobster's Cajun Chicken and Shrimp pasta, letting it simmer inside her for 5 to 10 minutes, allowing for optimum cajun burn, then proceed to devour the concoction, either slurping the shrimp and noodles from the cooch or twirling and scooping with a fork and spoon.
"damn yo, i took that bitch out for dinner last night and had a Ragin Cajun!"
by Carnage00 November 1, 2006
1.Something that is really cool, awesome, wicked or narly(if your from california)
2. Someone expressing deep emotion like being pissed off, mad or frustrated
"This is party is Ragin Cajun."
"Wow did you see last Thursdays jersey shore? Ronnie was Ragin Cajun."
by Fat back son of a bitch February 15, 2011
a dirty skank who does nothing but lie
oh look there's megan shes a ragin cajun
by taquitojoker May 30, 2019
Coat your cock in Tobasco sauce and stick it in your girls ass and see who pulls away first🔥
I was fucking this girl on the bayou and gave her a Ragin Cajun.
by Rougarou November 12, 2019
Someone from the Louisiana that likes to puts cayenne on their dick before oral sex or wants their partner to eat something spicy before oral sex
by Marblesmoonbeam January 23, 2022