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A school in Dubai, located in the UAE. The school chose a freaking horse as a mascot, and lacks facilities due to greedy owners. The students are either rich & stupid, gangster arabs or smart indians. It's famous for its excellence approach of stopping smoking in the bathrooms.
CEO: It's time to get a mascot like our sister school Dubai International Academy!
Tony: Sure thing, let's take the horse to mascot RWA (raffles world academy).
by Therealtupac1994 May 22, 2016
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The best school in the world located in Dubai, UAE. Students of this renowned academy are famed for getting high in the bathroom between classes whilst teachers claim they do not know who actually smokes but literally every other student knows who they are. Raffles student also enjoy sharing experiences with one another so do not be alarmed if you see two guys standing over a bidet and watching another guy take a piss.

Raffles students also enjoy a 10 minute session of staring at the ceiling in the mornings and a 30 minute session of staring at the ceiling in the afternoons. Raffles is famed for choosing very good deadlines for their IB students. Expect to have an average of 7 assessments in one day. Raffles is also famed for its self taught courses (basically all of them, you might as well ditch every day since you will self study anyways) as teachers wish to engage their students and to simply guide students towards success rather than instruct.
As a student, expect to be confronted by teachers about the dumbest things ever like having a white dot on your shoes. Every once in a while, you will do a test that basically tests your ability to bend paper in your mind and punch holes into them and later unfold them and see if you recognize the pattern.
Student 1: Which school do you go to?

Student 2: Raffles World Academy

Student 1: Yo, can you hook me up?

Student 2: Bro, what are you talking about??

Student 1: Don't you guys like stash your dokha in the ceilings in the bathrooms?

Student 2: Bro how do you even know that?

Student 1: Bro, your school is basically the Middle East and North Africa supplier of dokha...

Student 2: True..
by pagil January 02, 2017
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Raffles World Academy is probably the best school you can go to if you like to have fun. There is a lot of drama, memes, and strict teachers, well some of theme are strict. The only fun class you are going to have is ICT. They have some of the best teachers in ICT but mostly we just learn on how we can use powerpoint and excel. But Raffles is also unfair. If a boy does something and gets in trouble for it the teacher will send a email to his parents. But if a girl get in trouble most of the teachers will let her off the hook. And there is always a lot of drama in Raffles. Sometimes there is students smoking in the bathroom. Or someone lit the bathroom on fire. Or sometimes a prank goes wrong and they end up in the principal office. So yea. The best school in Dubai :)
Guy: What school do you go to
Me: Raffles World Academy
Guy: Correct me if im wrong but doesnt kids smoke on the school bathroom
Me: Yea that happended
Guy: And didn't the bathroom got lit in the bathroom
Me: Yep
Guy: Wow thats a really good school
Me : I Know :D
by eatthatpussyboi October 11, 2017
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