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A ~premier~ institution for higher learning. Student population is 90% incestuous with RI/RGS kids with 10% from other schools. Students party every night and have hangovers the next morning, smoke in isolated stairwells and makeout in handicap toilets. Nobody hands in homework unless they're from China but everyone takes 73094750 tuition classes.

Retainees are cool, Triad is the school band, and everyone is addicted to ice lemon tea. All science students take H3 (advanced subject). Arts students try to overcome their marginalization by having rave parties in school with alcohol and getting hickies before being reprimanded the next day.

But everyone leave with crazy!good results anyway.
1:RAFFLES JUNIOR COLLEGE'S FIERCE! The students party all day/night and they still get good results!
2: inoerite! :(
RJC Students: Don't hate us cuz you ain't us. :)r
by rafflesians May 12, 2008
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