Noun. Used to describe a total and utter bitch. It's like a codeword. like.. 'salad' can mean your town, and then yo can say "god i hate having radishes in my salad".

one of Katee, Emma & Co's neologisms.
XOX! I XOXING hate having xoxing Radishes in my chemistry class. Radishes is such a xoxing maham. This is so xoxing nxn!
by Ally Sheedy February 17, 2006
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(verb) In a rest-room, to engage a man in conversation between urinal and wash-basin. Not to be confused with 'Rhubarb' - the more serious offence of actually speaking to someone whilst they are urinating.
'Pip, I think I've left my walle-
'Not while I'm pissing Dave. You can Radish me in a sec...'
by Rev. Tremendous Embakwame June 13, 2008
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Thoughts of private body parts belonging to one's person/people of interest that invade ordinary day-to-day living or thought processes.
I was just talking to a friend about nothing in particular and totally got the radishes about that manz at work.
by Molestation Larry September 27, 2009
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Term usually used in Panama City Beach, Florida at Spring Break, meaning "really awfully drunk in a shitty hotel." This term was coined by a large group of spring breakers from south Alabama and the "Radish phenomenon" has begun to spread rapidly.
That tequila is startin to kick in.
Hell yea, dude, I'm fuckin radish right about now... lets go ride the strip and see if we can see some tits.
by fudermaker April 15, 2003
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A Term Used To Describe The Red Face Of A Mr. Benjamin Farrely.

Particularly Common When Doing Any Action At All. Often Occurs When Embarrassed Also.

"Ben's Got His Radish On!"
by Capowski October 11, 2008
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