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Real Radical Christians Love, Christ is in them and their very life, words and actions reflect the Love of Christ for people. They are the ones you can call in the middle of the night, and talk to. They will still Love you when no one else does. Why? Because they know Christ, and met and meet with Him everyday. Christ’s Love has captured their heart, they cannot help but Love. They cannot help but to help you, they cannot help but to take care of you, they cannot help but to bless you, they cannot help but to love you. It’s more than’ good ole Southern Hospitality’ too… It’s real.

They don’t throw the bible in your face… They are like ‘little Jesuses’ on earth. They are shinning lights on a hill that cannot be hidden. They aren’t self-promoting, God promotes them involuntarily. God’s light shines through them, you never want to leave their presence… You don’t want to leave the peace, hope, joy, and love that surround them. What they have is intoxicating, not toxic.

They are what Jesus was, but they will be straight forward with you as Christ was. They want to others to know the complete awe inspiring Love they know. A love greater than the Love they have with their spouses and children, while those loves are still great to them. But a Love that has Radically changed their life, and they voluntarily accepted that Love at whatever the cost because it was the first real thing they have ever encountered in their whole life.
A Radical Christian lives out a 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 Love for all people, not just God or their spouse.
by FIRE Breather April 19, 2011
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