A graffiti slang term for stealing, similar to the street term boost. In the formative years of hip-hop graffiti, racking was an essential skill needed for empoverished youth to get their hands on their art supplies, and you were considered a dumbass if you actually paid for your paint. Today, the situation is slightly different as most inner-city spots keep paint in cages, and generally, anti-theft technology / security is tougher to get around. Regardless, with the right knowledge, writers will continue "rack" just about anything from booze to full ladders still in the box.
G1) yooo mans stocked up on that rusto eh, good lookin
G2) yea buddy, racked that shit slick DT
G1) word.. I swear all the cans DT are locked, how'd you pull them shits?
G2) true shit still, that's why mans racked the bolt cutter yesterday
by Chong Wizard April 01, 2018
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An Australian term used to refer to shoplifting
Person 1: This shirt is fire but i can’t afford it aye
Person 2: Just rack it bra
by eshayoner January 08, 2020
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Noun; Australian

Term used to describe cocaine, popularly used in parlance in Western Sydney amongst younger generations, particularly amongst cashed up tradesman, rugby league players and local weekend warriors.

The term is derived from the widely used phrase of 'racking' the act of cutting up lines in preparation to snort. However in Sydney and particularly Western Sydney jargon, it is common to describe cocaine itself as 'rack'. This phrase is often used interchangeably with 'bag' another Australia wide term for cocaine. To this end, the term rack may even be elongated to a 'bag of rack' or 'several bags of rack'.
Person 1: Fuck me has Dave got some rack?

Person 2: Yes cunt, the fuckwit is racking up 3 slugs for us in the pub toilets right now!

Person 1: Fuck me that is music to my ears. I love rack more than I love life itself.
by cobra1738 October 07, 2020
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A rack is a rapping/ghetto term for ten-thousand U.S dollars.
Spent 3 racks on a new chain.
by Definitionsarentmything March 30, 2018
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