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That which is eaten in a way that results in a lot of noise being made such as open mouthed chomping, slurping and munching.

Thats how raccoons eat. And raccoons like breakfast as much as the next vertebrate.

Now since it is impossible to eat pussy with one's mouth closed, and since pussy is generally so tasty as to provide a man with a great feast to which there can be no resistance it therefore follows that the sound a guy makes when Dining At The Y is accompanied by noises not unlike those a raccoon makes when its having its brekky.

Hence the phrase.

And it doesn't harm one bit that a Raccoon will eat more or less anything and gets fucking pissed if you take its tasty snack away before its done.

It all adds to the mental image.
"For Fucks Sake Bobby can you pack it in. I cant get a wink of fucking sleep over here".
"Sorry, man. Im just getting the Raccoon's Breakfast".

Marlowe looked up from his desk. The broad was tall. Good looking. Too good. Looked like she had the kind of money that only comes with a long story and a gun. He wondered how long it would be before he was getting the Raccoon's Breakfast.

In his memoire, Kissinger recalled how often during the Kennedy years, the Oval Office would be often be the venue for some of the old Raccoon's Breakfast.
by goody5 June 13, 2011
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