Acronym for roll on laughing floor. It means the joke told was so funny even the floor was laughing.
Tom: How does Hitler like his juice?
Gary: How?
Tom: Concentrated.
Gary: ROLF
by -AlexXx January 11, 2009
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created when the common instant messenger acronym "rofl" (rolling on the floor laughing) was misspelled, ROLF is an acronym for "really old lady fucking". often used to describe what people you dont like do in parking lots.
youre gonna be an old lady someday rolfing it up with some stud, i can see it
by Oscar Rocha April 16, 2006
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Expression shouted when a fat, bald man is seen or in particular when you see the actual Rolf itself.
Haha, look at that rolf!

(Upon seeing Rolf) ROLF! (run away)
by Milto-crew June 14, 2007
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Having carnal relations with a young/underage girl. And then her mother and saying to the mum her daughter liked it.
I'd really like to Rolf her.
by Your psuedonym May 29, 2014
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"Rolling on the laughing floor"

Used by some people as another way of saying rofl.
omg rolf
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
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rolling on le floor
similar to rofl, but it is sometimes used (especially in german speaking countries) to look cooler.
A: rolf
B: Who the fuck is rolf?
A: He is french. Rolling on le floor. Oh my gawd, you are such a noob.
B: Shut up.
by Reaper[at] November 24, 2009
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An acronym that is short for "Rolling on Leather Furniture". Typically used for things like instant messaging and text messaging.Is very popular among the rich or tacky, since they are the typical owners of leather furniture.
Person 1: I was speaking to a peasant today, and he told me he didn't know what an omelette du fromage was!

Person 2: ROLF!
by haha4187 July 18, 2006
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