n. What someone with a speech impediment would call a "retard".
Simple Jack: Yyyur ah R-tard! haha
by Zac P August 24, 2008
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simple explication: worse than a retard, not as bad as a fucktard.
mumbo jumbo explanation: a term used to direct a person as a mentally slow (or retarded) person used when a normal person makes a mistake.
Scene from South Park: Make Love Not Warcraft:

gerald broulflouski:y r u on the internet?? you should be outside socializing with youre friends.

kyle broulflouski: i am socializing with my friends R-Tard.

gerald: .......i am not an R-Tard......
by InuYashaFreak64 from youtube September 28, 2007
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EMO MEANS EMOTIONAL R-TARD.overly cocky individual who thinks they are a total bad-ass ...constantly looking dark and overcast, who tries to fit into society, yet fails horribly and yet doesn't know that they are just a cheap rip off of punk/goth. Usually raised in a good household (middle class(this refers to all emos)), there really isn't anything wrong with the "emos" life, an emo will occasionally leave his dark-colored rain cloud to lock himself up in his room to read poetry, usually of the dark and brooding genre.
slitmywristemo....occasionaly found on animefart.com's online chat. an Emotional r-tard
by Lee Cameron June 12, 2008
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A mixture between the word "retard" and "bastard".
Girl: Godammit, you are such an r-tard!!! x-(
Boy: Jeez, shove off.
by kitty33kitty July 25, 2009
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likes dick in every hole his his body and constantly trys to suck his own cock. he would even be the person to try to stick his own dick in his ass. you know, if it was eve close to big enough.
Levi: wow what an R-Tard
by Ldaniel2006 April 7, 2022
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Substitute for "..are retarded".

In speech, one may occasionally say, "You are retarded".

The same can be said with, "You 'R Tarded'".
I watched, and just as drool left his lower lip he fell hard against the red brick steps.
I said, "You R Tarded."
by Attritionist March 18, 2022
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