Choking an underage girl while giving her anal.
Yo bro. Never pull an R Kelley. They'll shank you up real good in prison.
by Jizz Blaster 69 February 25, 2019
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1. A young man with a large penis, the ability to attract large crowds of horny women and one who is unbearably witty. Usually a graduate from a good BUT NOT GREAT school like GWU, Syracuse etc...Enjoys pastimes like eating steal and pulling bitches. Doesn't play games... Ever.

2. The more symmetrical counterpart of R Kelly.

3. One who likes to fight when he drinks cheap vodka.
Guy 1: "Man that dude is jacked and I heard from Vivian that he was hung like a bear."

Guy 2: "Yeah maybe, but he went to that gay-white-University. Not like he ever uses it..."

Guy 1: "No but he seriously does--I've heard the girls are all on him ever minute of every day."

Guy 2: Wow a real 'R Kelley'.

R Kelley: *Punches Guy 2 in the face* "Murr Crismus!"
by Murr crissmuss December 28, 2010
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