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Quincy Is a hero that everyone should be acknowledged about because he is so genuine and loyal and is a type of person who will do anything for his family and friends. Quincy the hero is a guy who stood up to God, King, Queen and Princess's for equal rites for all society's, and not only is curuatur for after life society and Aperichion life society, but completed beyond the grave society which differs from the dead society and reincarnate society which are two separate life's which are now combined and Segregated from all other societies. Hero Quincy has designed and invented a lot, but the one thing that stands out about his fight with sprits, ghosts, soels, and dead societies is that he along with his network was able to announce the truth about politics and political parties and Congress as well as King and Queen and Crownd Temptress is that threw blacks-magic and poltergeist powers, they made an entire nation believe that what once was the structure and army and military government of the dead and zombie nation's and Societys. That we the After Life and myself from beyond the grave and the newly friendly deceased from beyond the crypt let other societies who were not aware of the war against the God's and the King's and who chose civilians like myself to help them and their cause. We are not a political and politics society.
Quincy the Hero was able to stop and end all spells and poltergeist that was put onto the world.
by Quincy Bentley July 24, 2018
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