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Often a male that is incredibly bitch, entitled and rich. These people are often in suburban areas. Big houses. And lots of money. They will often try and fit in with jokes stolen from comedians, most of the time the joke is spotted and the person is then angry. For being called fake or posh. They are often into normie memes. Or biesexual or gay but cannot make up their mind. Thus they will go through feminazi categories to make themselves feel needlessly special. When they aren't

Usually found in : The USA and the UK.

Keep your eyes open. Because they are super cringy and will leech off you when they grow up. Or just leech off you
Victor : Hey Pete, i think Patrick's a queen in sheep's clothing
Pete : Yeah, let them buy their own stuff. He often spends my money. The prick
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by DEPRESSEDJESTER February 24, 2018
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