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French spoken by the Quebecois. Regular French by all means except the pronunciation and some jargons, which makes the "regular" Frenchman feel lost in translation, Bill Murray style.

In fact so lost that movies starring Quebecois French speakers have subtitles for other French speakers in case they don't understand.
Quebecois French: Bonjour monsieur, comment allez-vous?

Other French speaker: Excusez-moi, je n'ai pas compris. Pouvez-vous repetez s'il vous plaît?

Quebcois French: *grumble*

Other French Speaker: *strokes beard while looking confused*
by I don't speak German January 20, 2009
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Just another pathetic attempt by Quebecois to make Quebec different from the rest of the French speaking world. Quebec also likes to change spelling to suit them too. Martinique and Ivory Coast speak proper official French contrary to what Quebecoiss may think. It is Quebec that likes to change their vocab to suit them and seperate themselves further from French culture.
Quebecois need to read the French dictionary and learn to spell!
by loops January 13, 2005
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