Weight gain acquired during COVID-19 Quarantine Period; fueled by boredom and nervous eating .
I lost my Freshman Fifteen in time for Spring Break but it's coming back as the Quarantine Fifteen.
by OffLeash2017 March 22, 2020
A more specific term relating to lockdown pounds, the weight gained by some who takes the shelter in place order as an excuse to eat.
I need to get busy. All I have to show for the virus is this quarantine fifteen.
by ElCommissioner April 14, 2020
A 'Quarantine Fifteen' is what happens when you gain some weight (15 or more pounds) during the COVID-19 Quarantine.
"Yo man, you're getting a little plump... Did you gain a Quarantine Fifteen or something?"
by Ricky Biff and Little Peter January 17, 2021