A contraction (short form) for "thank you" created from elision of the first part of the word and by using the last phonetic syllable ("kyou").

Notable for saving time in everyday speech for being able to be said faster than alternatives such as "thanks" and texted/typed faster than "ty."
Person 1: There you go, here's the note that you missed from the lecture today.
Person 2: "Q"
by Savaros March 18, 2017
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The "Q" is the stadium in Cleveland best known for being the home court for the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers.
"And Lebron James throws the hammer down at the Q" -Austin Carr.
by Ritta March 01, 2010
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To deficate; The letting out of bodily waste through the anus; Opposite of pee
Man i ain't gotta pee but i really gotta Q.
by Anthem W Doolan May 18, 2004
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Code term for homosexual activity used in some British public (i.e. private) schools: from the shape of the letter.
You'll be expelled if they find out you've Q'd.
by Jim44 September 03, 2005
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short for "cock you".
another way of saying "fuck you" or "screw you" or basically telling someone that you hate them. When you say "cock you" very fast it souds like Q.
sally : hey willie you are lame

willie : Q

sally : what?
by poppet lover helllo March 30, 2008
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