:q *tries to lick eyes*

GAHHHH!!! i cant do it!!!
by UrtFink July 19, 2003
is a face sticking out a tongue. it's the mirror image of :p. it's used to avoid auto-smilies in forums/ims.

guy 1: your funny :p
guy 2: yes i am q:
guy 1: yeah q:
by Linkzie May 3, 2006
A Quarter of one ounce, about seven grams.
Do you have any of that leb hash left? I could do with a q if possible.
by Dan Fox June 27, 2003
girl this picture is so Q!
by hminiq October 31, 2010
Someone is very stupid, you do a facepalm -> >.q
(putting your hand on your face as expression of "how dump can a single person be..?")
by ZaP_x64 April 23, 2009
Used to refer to the QMJHL(Quebec Major Junior Hockey League)
"I was at a QMJHL game last night."

"I love The Q!!!! What is your favorite team?"
by natalie298755 November 8, 2009