this is the american alphabet for my 3 yr olds
The word a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z means hello
by psuedyon November 22, 2022
At this point you aren't even trying to break you cycle of boredom and procrastinating you are just looking which combinations of qwerty have not been made yet for absolutely no reason at all, wanna know what to type next? I know, how about you don't type anything and stop procrastinating
Random dude: Hey you!
You: Me?
Random dude: Yes, you!
You: M N B V C X Z L K J H G F D S A P O I U Y T R E W Q
Michael Jackson: Stop it, get some help
Obama: *Turns into Obamium*
by Canimexis May 29, 2021
You thought you could out Boredom me well you were solemnly mistaken
You: i know m n b v c x z l k j h g f d s a p o i u y t r e w q will not be defined 'sees this page' GOD DAMMIT.
by Doomed man who died of bordom November 2, 2021
A variation of the ‘darty’ wherein there is also a barbecue present.
“Darty-Q at our place this Saturday. Save the date!”
by thejackson5 April 25, 2019
Something that a person says that is considered both cute and corny. Dorky, although very cute coming from a very attractive person. Trying to impress a girl so much that you go to such extremes that you make her blush by saying very corny things that make her smile, but deep down she is laughing at a good way.
He was so cuiney (Q-nee) he made me blush as he offered me a block of cheese (instead of a rose) and said "Honey, your the cheese to my lasagna."
by Mozzarella Cheese February 11, 2011