To Pwn Noobs is to completely Obliterate your opponent in any event where their is competition though specifically originated from Online Gaming Terminology. Very similiar in nature as "owning new players".
Dude last night on CS:S I totally Pwned Noobs and they started to cry because i Pwn Noobs so much!!
by Cam Johnston June 19, 2006
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The art of slaying a person bad at something or new
friend 1 shoots friend 2 while playing b-ball
friend 2: what the f***
friend 1: sorry I just like to PwN nOoBs by the way you suck at it if you couldn't tell
by barrybeeisbae69 March 8, 2017
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A phrase used by people who feel the need to point out that they can defeat players that almost anybody else playing the game in question can, possibly to try and hide the fact that they may also be noobs themselves.
The only person that could not pwn a noob is another noob, if you find it necessary to state "i pwn noobs" then you must suck pretty badly.
by Mienaikage February 7, 2009
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It means to play a game you are ecceptionally good at online against other people. An example would be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. You can only say this of course if you are actually capable of pwning noobs.
Guy 1: Hey you wanna pwn the noobs with me later?

Guy 2: I was just pwning the noobs like half an hour ago, I'll play tonight.
by the master bator 01 February 27, 2010
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The reverse of pwning nOObs. To pwn nOObs someone would humiliate or "own" a novice or bad player. While to nOOb pwns you use elementary or basic tactics in a game to beat people who are veterans or pride themselves in their ability to game.

This can occur many video games but mostly first person shooters such as COD, Halo, Counter Strike, etc.
COD player: This tenth prestige was trying to drop shot me with a PPsh and i just walked up and knifed him.

Friend: Wow way to nOOb pwns

Halo player: This level fifty General naded me and then attempted to jump bash me. I took out my energy sword and nOObed him hard.

Friend: Haha he thought he was gunna pwn you too.

Halo player: i know that pwn just got nOObed real bad.
by whyisqwertyuiop[]\taken August 31, 2009
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