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Putting Aspartame and High Fructose Corn Syrup in Cajun food would be hilarious. I am a Cajun myself and I hate other Cajun people, they are all scumbags. I am a Cajun and I don't like Catholics. My ancestors were Catholics. I dont believe. Does anyone know how to escape Catholic persecution? I have good methods but it is very hard to go undetected...

This would be the ultimate method to destroy the Cajun and Irish American population in the USA. (the USA should do anything and everything they can to destroy Catholicism and rid it from the USA.)
Put Aspartame and HFCS in Cajun food. What an ultimate way to destroy the "Catholic nobility" ha!

Just sit back and watch as all those babies come out with birth defects. Oh that would be beautiful. population control.

Next, we go for the Mexicans. (they breed like fucking rabbits. kill them too)
by badass cajun resistor September 04, 2019
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