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1. A vinyl record that is purple.

2. Blood mixed with cum from a dark skin chick on your dick from fuckin her doggystyle while she on the rag.
1. Yo the Dj need to play that Raekwon "Only built for Cuban linx", I gotta see him mess with that Purple wax!

2. Kevin: You should get it in with Leslie, she got mad cake.

Mike: Facts bro! My girl Cindy on the rag right now and I ain't jackin off!

Kevin: Niggah you soft. Ima playah! My girl on the rag too but I'm throwin on the jimmy tappin Sarah and Leslie Sister Tara then goin home to get fuck my girl.

Mike: lmao ya girl a freak so I know she gonna suck that Purple wax off ya dick after you done piping her!

Kevin: The blacker the berry is the sweeter it taste!
by Jay89Jay91 February 12, 2018
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