A common slur for Italians with a bad sense of fashion. The victims of the slur usually follow the most popular trends even if it calls for reinventing the word tacky.
Did you see the purple pants mongrels? They were both wearing their louis vuitton man-purses with matching purple jeans.
by Patrick the Purveyor April 18, 2010
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a gay poor boy who wears the same outfit every day . trys to seem not gay by kissing girls .
hey look its purple pants
by magoo robinson January 28, 2009
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1. A male around adolescence.

2. Someone in your friends group, usually the really badass, yet creepy one.

3. Someone who gets ticketed for being on the railroad tracks because he is that cool.

4. Someone that the ladies cower in fear of, and who makes child molestation jokes, but you love him anyways.

5. The funniest, craziest motherfucker.

6. Anyone who wears purple pants.
1. Adults: What is that person over there? A stoner?
Teens: Naw bro dass the purple pants guy!

2. Purple Pants Guy: Come hiter, children hehehehe kidding...................or am I?
DeeJ: You would say that.

3. Police: here is a 200 dollar fine.

Purple Pants Guy: For what?
Police: Being a Smexy Mexican.

4. Aubrey: IM GETTING A RESTRAINING ORDER, PURPLE PANTS GUY! BOO HOO HOO! I just cant handle you...youre too sick nasty. WINK!

5. Shelby: I love Joe. He is funny, silly, and he aloways goes there. You know? He's a Purple Pants Guy.

6. Maddie: Look at him in his purple pants...haha that silly Purple Pants Guy.
by TheCrazyMaddie July 8, 2011
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