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Bob the Purple Goat, #'s one to infinite. So long as we can count, so long will there be Bob.
Bob the Purple Goat is a creation of Matt, AKA Gwd/xGwdx. Bob was originally intended to be the basis of a story involving a talking horse, a senile old woman, a large red wood and a semi. Bob died within this story, having been eaten by the talking horse. After that, Bob was used many times afterwards for various stories, jokes, and as a character of roleplays. Whenever Bob perishes, a new Bob will take that Purple Goat's place. This new Bob often comes from seemingly no where, but does in fact come from somewhere. That place just happens to be no where. Try and contact Gwd if you would like that explanation further spoken of.
There are three Bob's worth special mention. #15, whom was a complete idiot. #13, who was a gift to Amy/Chibi Monkey, whom was also the worst case of Bad Luck and jinxing anyone has ever experience(Died quickly, obviously).
The third was #42. 42/Forty-Two is the mightiest of all Bob's. A demi-god of the line of Purple Goats, 42 was/will be quite worshipped.

Bob the Purple Goat is a creation of Matt, AKA Gwd/xGwdx. Anyone whom uses a Purple Goat in any form is a copy-cat, and should be punished immediately. Renamed or not, any Purple Goats not used by Matt is a poser, probably not named Bob, does not deserve the name Bob, and most likely isn't worth a single mention.
The only exception for the use of Bob the Purple Goat is Trish, AKA Angel/Aku_Itatchi/A-Chan who has permission and full rights to the use of Bob.

As of the typing of this definition, Bob is currently #36.
Bob the Purple Goat. One to infinite.
by Gwd July 26, 2004
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