(1)The only place that has hicks, metrosexuals, thugs, cowboys, and preps.(2)Place where Ya'll can be used by a very well educated, upper-class person in any circumstance.(3) Only place where tractors are used as get-away cars and clowns rob banks.(4) People who graduated in 2004 can say "when I was in high school..." lines to kids 2 grades below them.
"When I was in high school, there was only one major development. It was Kingsbridge, and it was one third the size it is now."
by Alex Miller April 12, 2005
Known as lax (lacrosse) bro town. All the lax bros live in/near Purcellville and play for NOVA WEST LACROSSE. The two big high schools- Valley and Oodgrove (Woodgrove) are huge enemies when it comes to sports, especially football, basketball, and of course, lacrosse. The town is full of rednecks and preppy girls. It's is located in northern virginia and about an hour from Washington DC. It's also the only town where you will find 3 grocery stores (bloom, giant, and harris teeter).
Valley person 1- Are you going to the Valley/Woodgrove game today?
Valley person 2- Yea, What time and where
Valley person 1- 7 PM at valley
valley person 2- yea man i'll be there

*both schools are in Purcellville, VA but Woodgrove isn't in the actual town of Purcellville,VA, it's right outside of Purcellville, but it's location is still considered Purcellville. Valley is right in the town of Purcellville, VA
2 hours later

valley person 1- haha yea buddy, we beat woodgrove!
valley person 2- yea man this is OUR town, valley's town.

woodgrove person 1- yea so whatever, valley beat us
valley person 1- haha this is our town

^^what typically happens before and after and Valley/Woodgrove game
by valleyperson1 December 22, 2011