Literally "Pure life". Relaxed lifestyle of, relating to, or characteristic of ticos.
Example 1:

¡Hola! ¿Cómo va todo?
Hello! How's everything going?

Aquí, ¡todo pura vida!
Everything's cool!

¡Como me alegra!
Happy to hear that!

Example 2:

Ella es de lo más pura vida.
She is so easygoing.
by Dxniela June 23, 2007
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Spanish for "pure life."

The law of the land in Costa Rica. The expression is used in many forms, from a greeting, to a synonym for "excellent." Ticos follow this lifestyle and are some of the most wonderful people on earth. A synonym of "hakuna matata." Life is wonderful; enjoy it.
"Pura vida!" (Damn right!)

"Que Me 'Ice Mae, Pura Vida?" (What's up dude, all good?)
by Wart The Dick December 8, 2004
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A catch phrase used by people that generally dont give a shit about anything
John: Hey compadre is that your sewer pipe draining into the river?
Jose: Pura Vida!
by Team Gringo January 14, 2015
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Symbolises the ability to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning
I Pura Vida tat every morning at around 6AM and open my curtains that I got from Home Hardware.
by Finger Tat Expert January 4, 2021
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Saludo; Mae , ¿cómo estás? ¡Pura Vida Mae!
by Tica Linda June 3, 2023
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It’s like yea bro but with a Costa Rican twist, it’s like “one life bruh”
American person: “have a good day

Costa Rican: “pura vida
by delphieloca June 21, 2021
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