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The heartless and extremely one dimensional character in a movie that is so mean and evil or dickish, that you can't help but hate him. He is also often characterized as the killer or abuser of beautiful and defenseless wives & girlfriends and innocent children, or the dick boyfriend of the leading lady that you cannot for the life of you, figure out why she's with him.

He either dies near the end of the movie in a very sadistic and creative way at the hands of the the good guy, or he is humiliated in front of his peers and those he's wronged. In either case he is such an asshole that his form of death or humiliation has given the writers an easy out to give the audience something to cheer and feel good about.
Colonel Quaritich proved himself to be the Puppy Killer in the movie, Avatar, when he started the extermination of the peaceful planet loving Na'vis on Pandora.

It was revealed that Zack, in Wedding Crashers, was the Puppy Killer, when he bragged about his sexual conquests behind his girlfriend Claire's back and how he was using her just to advance his political career.
by Sidbo January 05, 2010
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Someone who masterbates at least more than three times every day and night.

"Killing puppies" is the act of masterbating.
Johnny is a puppy killer! When I spent the night with him, he killed puppies more than twice.
by Emo Ninja November 05, 2008
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Dangerous, secretive sect of heroes and bodybuilders whose activities are unknown. People love to hate them and hate to love them. Their only known gathering place is L.A.I.R., which is rumored to be a fortress 2 miles in the air.
I heard that it was the Puppy Killers, not the mafia, that were behind the JFK assassination.
by April 10, 2007
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