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A rare guy that loves to love. One who you dont want on your skirts pussy. He puts time and effort in the female orgasm. Girls then fall in love with him and he cant help it.

Said guy is a good person, never bad. Also he has a good job, this own cars and house. Woman cant stay away from him. He also is attractive and fun to be around. Beware..
Guy 1. Man I cant stand that guy.

Guy 2. Why Bromigo?

Guy 1. He stole my gf!

Guy 2. What! How did he accomplish this. She was all about you?

Guy 1. They bumped uglies last week! and she left my broke ass the next day.

Guy 2. Wowzers. He must have really banged her good. hes a true Puntangkilla!!
by Fire Walker October 24, 2011
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