These are the best types of girls. They listen to bands such as Blink182, My Chemical Romance, the Ramones, sum41, ect. They usually have many piercings, tattoos, and some body modifications such as stretched ears. They wear skinny jeans, band tees, beanies, and sometimes flannels. These chicks are sexy af.
What kind of girls do you like?

I like punk girls, man
by UnicornsRCool January 12, 2015
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A pop punk girl is someone that acts 13 years old, obsesses over pizza, tumblr, and boys. They constantly express how badly they want to make out with boys and how lonely they are. Oh yeah, they also enjoy angsty pop punk music. And never stop using the word "angsty"

They are the most annoying girls to live.
Girl 1: Pizza is my boyfriend.. But I really wish that cute boy from the local angsty pop punk band was..

Girl 2: wow you are such a pop punk girl xoxo
by Lizardberry October 22, 2013
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Bad Ass type girl. Everyone likes her, and knows of her even though she's kind of a mystery. she doesn't open up to many, probably has a lot of secrets. gorgeous to look at. The type of pretty you don't find often. Very smart, almost like she's way older then she is. Loves music, even though most of it you've never heard. She's into everything. Everyday you find out something new about her. She might seem kinda weak but she's brave and way stronger then anyone could tell. Once in a lifetime type of girl.
That new girl is bad ass such a punk rock girl!
by Ellis904 July 14, 2015
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