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Alliterative & hence popular term applied to, or adopted by, any group of North Indian (not just Punjabi) males who emulate Afro-Dalit & Afro-Caribbean men. Several N Indian political parties, sports teams, gangs, bands & Bhangra troupes bear this appellation.

The popularity of the name among Indo-Aryan males is based on the Black Panther (emblem of the militant Dalit Panther movement) being a symbol of the Negroid Australoid male, & hence, by extension, of desired 'Madrasi Muscle' & the legendary Shudra Penis. By adopting a major symbol of Dalit masculinity, Caucasoid males seek to re-project themselves in a macrophallic image.

That Shudra Penis Envy is the ultimate reason for Aryan male appropriation of the Dalit Panther emblem is proven by the popularity of Punjabi Panther Condoms (& Panther Penis Amulets) across North India. Thus, Panther is the 2nd most widely used brand in Bengal & the preferred brand for 40% of Himalayans: "The most used brand of condom among the respondents was Number One (61.6%). Other most used brands were Panther (39.2%), Kamasutra (27.8%), Jodi (27.6%), Dhaal (21.2%), & Black Cobra (19.8%)." 'Integr.d Biol. & Behavioral Surveillance Survey among Female Sex Workers, Kathmandu Valley' S M Tuladhar et al. USAid Nepal, Round 3, 2008, p 27.

However, when any attempts at duplicating Shudra physical, athletic or sexual feats fail, the losers are derisively dismissed as 'Punjabi Pink Panthers'.
1) Bhangra Boy: You gang of stupid Punjabi Panthers are just wannabe Dalit Panthers! You all talk & walk like South Indian Niggers, listen to Desi Hip Hop instead of Bhangra, eat Idlis instead of Rotis, & prefer South Indian Chettinadu chicken instead of North Indian Tandoori chicken! You're just wannabe Dravidian Niggers! What traitors! I bet you have a Ravan temple inside your home!

Punjabi Panther: Yo, you short-dick Bhangra Boiz call us 'Dalit Niggaz' 'coz you dam' jealous us Punjabi Panthaz be jus' like 'em Dalit Panthaz: big musclez & big black dickz! One of us can beat ten of you! You Fair Boiz kno yo' 4-inch Punjabi Pindickz can't compete with our 12-inch Dalit Nigga Dickz!

2) Examples of Punjabi Panthers:
a) Political Parties:
- National Panthers Party
- Black Panther Party of India:
- JKNPP or Jammu & Kashmir National Panthers Party:
b) Cricket Teams:
- Punjab Panthers Cricket Team of the Indian Cricket Premier League CPL:,
- Punjabi Panthers Cricket Club of Watford, UK:,
- Pakistani Panthers
- scores of others
c) Sports Teams:
- Punjab Panthers Hockey Club of Toronto Canada
d) Gangs
- Muslim Birmingham Panthers
- Punjabi Panthers of Delhi
- Punjabi Panthers of Lahore
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza November 13, 2011
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