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Small Panther Condoms (S & XS). So called in order to distinguish them from the large Dalit Panther Condoms (L & XL). Widely worn across Indo-Aryan South Asia, the Tibeto-Burman Highlands & the Japanese Archipelago, as a result of the Panther cat being a symbol of the feared Dalit Panther gangs & hence of the mythical Shudra Penis.

The popularity of Black Panther Condoms among Asian men is based on the widespread local belief that regular usage of condoms normally worn by Afro-Dalit & Afro-Caribbean men enhances penis size & improves erectile stamina. It is further fuelled by Shudra Penis Envy & the preference for Dalit-Dravidian lovers among Asian women.

Psychologically, the allure of Panther Condoms is thus reflective of an underlying conscious or subconscious desire to transmutate the 'pink & puny' Indo-Aryan Penis or Tibeto-Burman Penis into a 'big & black' Dalit Penis. An Untouchable Penis affixed to the N Indian male body would distance the bearer from emasculating stereotypes of Indo-Aryan phallic inferiority & the 'Indus Inch'. Furthermore, such a weapon would invert centuries of historical feminisation imposed by the Telinga Infantries & Madras Regiments imported by Nawabi, British & Indian Union Govt.s. It would also stem homosexualisation arising from the high rates of Intercaste Marriage.

Ultimately, usage of Black Panther Condoms is thus based on the motto: If you can't beat them, join them!
1) Statistics bear out the craze for Punjabi Panther Condoms in N India, where they are no.1 for 40% of Himalayans: "The most used brand of condom among the respondents was Number One (61.6%). Other most used brands were Panther (39.2%), Kamasutra (27.8%), Jodi (27.6%), Dhaal (21.2%), & Black Cobra (19.8%)." ('Integr.d Biol. & Behavioral Surveillance Survey among Female Sex Workers, Kathmandu Valley' S M Tuladhar et al. USAid Nepal, Round 3, 2008, p 27).

2) In Bengal, Panther is the no. 2 brand, with 20% of the market in 2011:
Brand ..... Mill Sold
Raja ...... 47.0 m
Panther ... 30.7 m
Hero ...... 29.5 m
Sensation . 25.6 m
U&Me ...... 06.1 m
East Bengal or Bangladesh Condom Sales
(millions of units sold,, 5 Sep 2011)

3) Marketing of Punjabi Panther Condoms is based on deep-rooted Oriental mystic traditions of reincarnation & transmigration, which hold that envied characteristics & desired attributes of a threatening 'Other' can be metaphysically conferred & transmigrationally absorbed by consuming its products. Thus, ads in TV commercials, movie breaks, magazines & on condom covers promise to magically transform the wearer into a hypermasculine Dalit Panther:
- Panther Dotted, Ashol Purush (Panther Dotted, for Real Men, E Bengali TV ad)
- I'm a Dalit Panther tonight! (Hindi TV ad)
- Big, Black and Dalit (Pahari mag.)
- Bigger is Better (imported Japanese cover)
-"Dalit Power - Black Power" (Hindi mag.)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza March 04, 2012
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