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Extra-small (XS), low-durability & low-cost rubbers for men. Manufactured for Punjabi males, or in Punjab itself. To be distinguished from Hindustani Condoms, which (being just small or S) are slightly larger, & to be contrasted with Dravidian Condoms, which are very large (L & XL) & of high durability.

It is well-known that us Punjabi males require smaller condoms, so as to reduce slippage rates & fit the Punjabi Penis, which ranks right down alongside the Irish Penis, German Penis & Greek Penis at the bottom of the scale for Caucasoid-Mongoloid men. Meanwhile, the short duration of Punjabi Love virtually removes the necessity of high durability for Pentapotamian rubbers, while the typically anal & homosexual orientation of Punjabi Sex implies a reduced risk of pregnancy & thus eliminates the need for condom sturdiness. As Punjabis say, "Boond mein phata; Phir mat sochna; Bacha nahi hoga!" (A condom broke in the arse; Don't worry; No child will be born!).

Hence, condom manufacturers have a long-standing practise of shipping extra-small products to Nordic-Iranian Greater Punjab, small versions to the rest of Alpine-dominated North India, & large sizes to Dravidoid South India. Likewise, 'Punjabi Panther Condoms' denotes the smaller versions of Panther Condoms, in contrast to the large Dalit Panther Condoms. Hence, we 'Irishmen of India' prefer to send our Punjabans to buy condoms, so as to avoid public embarassment.
1) Mamata: My hubby's penis is so small, he uses Punjabi Condoms!

2) The necessity of smaller condoms for us Punjabi men has been proven by clinical measurements performed during an ICMR study, which included many Punjabijis from Chandigarh & Delhi: "As part of their 2-year survey of penis sizes of Indians {'Study on proper length & breadth specification for condoms based on anthropometric measurement'}, researchers at the Indian Council of Medical Research have surveyed 1,400 men ... in 7 hospitals incl. KEM in Parel {Mumbai}, AIIMS in Delhi & PGI, Chandigarh; the length & width of each erect penis was measured twice & a digital photograph taken." ('Indian men don't measure up' Madhavi Rajadhyaksha. Times of India 8 Dec 2006, ) The conclusion was "... that about 60% of {North} Indian men {incl. Punjabi men} have penises which are between 3 & 5 cm. shorter than intl. standards used in condom manufacture." ('Condoms 'too big' for Indian men' Damian Grammaticus, BBC News 8 Dec 2006.

3) "Pakistani condoms, although cheaper in price, are either too small for me, or they cannot sustain my rugged style. They are built for the two-minute job & are not factory tested to withstand 30 minutes of pure hard & sustained pounding." ('Lahore Airport, ZahraJ & I' Atif, 23 Aug 2004.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza July 12, 2012
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