to say this word you need to have the vege pass to get the vege pass you have to go to your local sped and ask for it if they reply with yes then your in luck DISCLAIMER (vege pass may be limited depending on supplyer)
by ur a bot February 17, 2021
When you do it from behind with a ginger. (Doesn't matter the gender)
My friend went to see this girls so she could pumpkin his patch.
by Raptorswaggor October 9, 2017
If you nicknamed a guypumpkin”. He is your soulmate
Her: hey pumpkin!
Meaning: I LOVE YOU! ❤️
by Loveydoveydinodove August 9, 2021
you watch a video on tiktok and suddenly a guy screaming pumpkin pop on your screen

it’s just a Rick roll but bad
video: «man hardest punch on dummy»
And then PUMPKIN
by Victop3 March 22, 2021
A very gay or well lesbian girl who has a large ass ( booty ) and is a hoe
Pumpkin needs to stop fucking other girls
by Pumpkin_LesbianGoddess November 13, 2018