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When you're on a train that is stopped between two stations and it is really quiet, you can yell "pump up the party!" to start a dance party. One who wishes to pump up the party must play a ringtone with a great beat as loud as it can go and dance like they are on E, to sucessfully "pump up the party". For extra cool points, try and get other people to play dance.
Train Conductor: We are being held due to train traffic ahead. We will be moving shortly.
Passengers: ughh.
*Bob exchanges a look with James*
*Bob and james pull out their phones and play their Prodigy ringtones. Then they start to dance *
Bob: C'mon People!
*Passengers are reluctant at first but slowly start to dance*

The train becomes an instant dance party.

Mission Accomplished.
by Music_Note_93 March 01, 2008
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