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Hit MTV show in the style of Pimp My Ride, but instead of old, haggered, ugly cars, it's old, haggered, ugly mums, and they don't get pimped, they get pumped. Hosted by Dr Alex Morton (Totty).
Friend: "Did you watch Pump My Maw last night"
You: "Aye man, that ma got pure ridden"
Friend: "Fuck aye, massive pumpin', Totty pure bangs them maws hard."

Yer Maw: "I need a pumping"
You: "No mum"
Knock at door
You answer to find Totty standing in your doorway.
Dr Alex Morton: "I'm here to pump yer maw"
Yer maw gets a hard pumping.
You are mentally scarred.
Dr Alex Morton: "I pumped yer maw, it's wit a do."
by Totty is a sex pest March 03, 2009
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