A small island state in the Caribean, just southeast of the United States. This island is a tumultous and dirty breeding ground for filthy, lazy people. Peurto Ricans are proud, hence their silly flags and CD's hanging from the mirrors of their fart-piped, rice-burners. They are overrunning the SouthEast and Northeast United states, and breeding like roaches. They refuse to assimilate into American culture and are causing a large problem, especially in Florida.
Another damned band of 'Ricans just got arrested at the park for causing trouble.
by Me, Me, ME May 09, 2005
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An Island located to the west of the Dominican Republic. Annexed by the U.S. and now basically is part U.S. Puerto Rico has no identity they are owned by the U.S. Puerto Rico uses U.S. currency. When vacationing in Puerto Rico do not talk or get comfortable with the island women for they are actually penis bearing transexuals. As for the puerto rican male population, they are often called faggots due to their obsession with plucking eyebrows that often look better than their mothers. American Puerto Rican women don't marry their own but often marry african american thugs. Puerto Ricans don't believe in god but only in Rosie Perez.
puerto rico the home of transexuals, ricky martin and rosie perez
by Sonia Sotomayor August 29, 2009
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A small, very small, island southeast of the US. It is peice a shit country and is US's biach. They are so proud they are leaning towards being GAY with eachother. They add
-ito to the end of everything and are selfish and ignorant.
2 people from Puerto Rico speakin

Joselito: Carlito, ur the mejoritoist person ever, cuz ur puertorican!

Carlito: No joselito u are!!

( Joselito and Carlito kiss)

by Gmoney92 June 05, 2007
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La isla del encanto. If its so beautiful and enchanted then perhaps ricans should go back. Puerto Rico is an econmic burden to the United States allowing the wild and crazy proud natives to freely wander into the united states (primarily florida) and ruin our lives. They are loud and obnoxious creatures that fail to shut up. As entry #5 stated, they are becoming an infestation. So much so that over 300 of them have negatively thumbed the previous entry.
Boricua "Whuat is de mattel officel?"

Police Officer "I'm giving you a citation for incorrect use of the english language despite being politically American"

Boricua "But how ju stop my car to tell me dat i haf a problema espeaking if ju no hear me talk before ju stop me?"

Police Officer "Well the reason I first stopped you was to cite you for the obstruction of safe driving"

Boricua "Whatchu mean officel?"

Police Officer "That damn giant puerto rican flag covering your entire windshield is a driving hazard dumbass! stupid proud ricans! I hate Puerto Rico."
by We hate Carlos December 17, 2006
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An island, surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.
Did you hear President Trumps speech about Puerto Rico?
by BananaFuccker September 30, 2017
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